Household 500mg/H ozone sterilization ozone air filter

Household 500mg/h Ozone Sterilization Ozone Air FilterFunctions1.Product drinking water2.Air purification(1) Removes foul smell: removes harmful gases such as formaldehyde emanating form new      furniture, painting, and carpeting      Kitchen:Removes food preparation and cooki

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Household 500mg/h Ozone Sterilization Ozone Air Filter

1.Product drinking water

2.Air purification

(1) Removes foul smell: removes harmful gases such as formaldehyde emanating form new
      furniture, painting, and carpeting

      Kitchen:Removes food preparation and cooking, (garlic, fish) odor and smoke in the air

(2) Preserve Freshness: When wash teh fish and meat, the Ozone can eliminate the fishy odor, And
      extend fresh fruit and vegetable storage life in refrigerators and coolers

3.Ozone Disinfection

(1) Kills Bateria: Dissolves and elimiates pesticide and agrochemicals on the surface of fruits and
      vegetables and Kills the bacteria on the surface of fruits and vegetables

(2) O3 Sterilization

      Tableware Washing:Kills bacteria on the surface of the tableware
      Water Treatment:Dissolves the organic impurities and bleaches the water and increases the
      oxygen level in the water

      Children Articles:Disinfects nursing bottles and toys, etc

      Bathing:Prevents diseases such as epiphyte from infecting

      Oral Hygiene:Kills bacteria in oral cavity and helps to cure some oral cavity diseases such as 
      faucitis and stomatitis

4. Automatic timed working
      You may set the start time and off time, and the machine can work on your setting time automatically
5. With remote control the function in the range of 5 meters

6. Ozone Air Filter

Product NameOzone Air Filter
Model NumberN1668A
Brand NameNanbai
Power SourceElectrical
VoltageAC 110v/220V
Ozone Output500mg/h
Usage RangeHome, Kitchen, Hotel, Hospital, Restaurant, House etc
FunctionProduct Drinking Water
Air Purification
Ozone Disinfection
Automatic Timed Working
With Remote Control Function in the range of 5 meters

Company Information
We Nanbai are Professional in ozone sterilizers, home, car and mini air purifiers, vegetable washers, negative ion & plasma & ozone generators for 16 years. Our factory is located Guangming New area, Shenzhen, China and established in 1998. We have more than 6,000 square meter factory area, 1,000 square meter work center. We are a real manufacturer with R&D, Production, Sales and Service departments. And now, we're developing many series of high quality environmental appliances. Our company owns the Quality Management System of ISO9001:2008, and we have such Certifications: UL, CE, CQC, TUV, FC and our products accord with the Environment System ROHS.


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