You'll regret not getting these 45 clever things years ago because they make your life so much easier

2022-03-24 03:35:21 By : Mr. changfu yan

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When it comes to household tasks, easier is almost always better. I would much rather be able to simplify and streamline chores and errands instead of extend them — unless, of course, I’m listening to a really good podcast. Most of the time, however, I’m all for anything that makes adulting just a bit smoother, which is why I’m glad to be sharing this list of clever things you’ll wish you heard about years ago, because each of them will make your life easier in one way or another. Some will do it in big ways (like smart outlets that make your home more technologically advanced) and some will do it in small ways (like reading lights with settings that are gentle on your eyes), but everything here has the potential to make a change for the better in at least one area of your life. Personally, I’m here for the kitchen gadgets that streamline cooking and cleaning tasks.

Plus, everything here is readily available on Amazon, which means you’re not more than a few clicks away from a life of luxury. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration — but there are some really clever products here, so the sky’s the limit on how you use all the time and effort and energy you’ll save.

Carry your coffee with confidence with this SpillNot drink carrier. Mugs rest on the silicone base, while you hold the loop handle, and thanks to the wonders of centripetal force, liquid doesn’t slosh out — even when your cup is full. As the brand says, it’s simply “science, not magic.”

Take your bathroom singing to the next level with a Bluetooth shower speaker. It easily connects to your smartphone or tablet, and safely plays your music of choice thanks to the water-resistant and splash-proof exterior. A detachable suction cup makes it easy to hang and position, too.

Once you’ve adhered these rug grippers to your floor mat or rug of choice, the grips use a suction-like technology to keep that flooring in place, so you won’t have to worry about unsightly (or dangerous) wrinkles or shifts. They’re easy to use, subtle, and you don’t have to remove them when you wash rugs, either.

One of the joys of owning a laptop is that you can use it almost anywhere. This portable laptop stand allows you to set your device at the ideal angle no matter where you’re working, and it folds down for easy transport so you can pop it in a backpack or bag. It’s made of durable aluminum and fits laptops up to 17 inches.

This splatter screen guard fits over the top of pots and pans to prevent oil and other foods from popping or splashing out — all while still allowing steam to escape. The mesh screen is stainless steel, and silicone encases the handle for comfort and protection. It fits in the dishwasher for easy clean-up, and can be folded down for easy storage.

You use this stainless steel odor absorber like a bar of soap, rubbing it between your hands to rid them of smells (with or without water is fine, according to the brand). Keep it by your prep area so you can use it after slicing onions, garlic, or any other aromatic food. It’s available in multiple shapes and sizes.

Warning: You may never has as much fun passing the salt as you do when you spin it over to someone with this lazy Susan turntable. This round bamboo board rests on subtle rotators, so you can use it on your table for serving, in cupboards for accessible storage, or even for crafts and projects.

Save dishes, cut out extra cooking steps, and keep your hot food steaming until it reaches plates? Yes, please. This silicone snap-on pot strainer attaches right to the edge of pots and pans so you can drain liquid directly from them. Plus, it takes up less room than traditional colanders, saving you space in the kitchen cabinets.

Finally, your phone doesn’t have to become clutter when it’s on the charger. This outlet extender and charging station creates space for you out of thin air, providing the perfect place to set your phone to keep it out of the way — or in view as it charges, if you prefer. It includes a whopping eight electrical outlets and three USB ports.

This nifty bottle emptying kit makes it easy to store and use up your favorite products. With gravity on their (and your!) side, these allow you to keep bottles upside down so nothing gets left behind in the bottom. They’re BPA-free and food-safe, so you can use them on everything from shampoo and conditioner to ketchup and mustard.

No more dragging yourself to a coffee shop when the mood for iced coffee strikes, since this cold brew maker brews right in your fridge. It comes with the carafe, a scoop, a funnel, and a filter. And, with a 47-ounce capacity, you’ll be able to make drinks for days.

Can you see some messy cords from where you’re sitting? If the answer is yes, you might want to give a cable management box a shot. It holds and conceals a standard-sized power strip, keeping cords and wires at bay. Two sizes are available, and it’s offered in both black and white.

If you cringe a little every time you toss a single-use plastic bag, then consider this set of reusable food storage bags. They’re made with food-grade silicone and they come in multiple, versatile sizes for keeping snacks, sandwiches, leftovers, and more fresh. They’re also leak-proof and dishwasher-safe(!), and multiple sets and sizes are available.

Each of these space-saving hangers has room for up to six regular hangers, but take up a fraction of the space when used vertically. They’re made with eco-friendly beech wood, plus they have a swivel hook that makes it easy to reach your shirt or garment of choice.

Whether you want to cover a bigger distance, or connect more devices, this WiFi extender will do the trick. It works with up to 20 devices, and promises a range of up to 1,200 square feet (or opt for a version that can handle 25 devices and 1,500 square feet). Best of all, it’s easy to use and plugs right into a standard outlet.

For wine aficionados and novices alike, this wine decanter aerates and enhances wine flavor, and provides an easy spout for pouring. It makes a great conversation piece since it’s elegant and artistic, and it can be used as a pitcher for water, juice, and other beverages, too.

When you have this gooseneck tablet holder, you’ll never have to worry about your tablet tipping over or falling from its perch. The bendable arm is flexible and adjustable, and the clamp can be quickly and easily applied to your surface of choice. And no worries when you’re without a tablet; it works with smartphones, too.

Pop this egg cooker onto your countertop, and use it to cook up to seven eggs at once, to poach two eggs at a time, or even to make omelettes. It’s super easy to use, includes an indicator light so you know exactly when eggs are done, and the best part? Most parts are removable and dishwasher-safe, so clean-up is a breeze.

Whether you want to save space, or time, or a combination of the two, this electric hot pot has you covered. It’s an easy and efficient way to cook without a full stove top, and can easily handle everything from rice and noodles to steak, chicken, or veggies. A spatula and egg turner are included too.

Why aren’t these shopping bag holders available at every checkout? Bag handles sling onto their dual hooks so you can carry more bags, more easily. Plus, they have soft grips, so they’re gentle on hands, and they carry up to 80 pounds apiece. But the best part? You’ll be able to get all your groceries inside in just one trip.

This microfiber shower scrubber has a soft side and an exfoliating side, plus two loop-style handles for easy holding and washing. At roughly 30 inches, you can use it on your back, upper arms, feet, or anywhere that’s hard to reach. Plus, you can hang it dry in between uses. It’s offered in three colors.

If you’re looking for a way to filter out blue light from your phone or screen or choice, take a look (pun intended) at these blue light blocking glasses. Each set offers two pairs with unique frames in a stylish design like tortoiseshell, matte black, clear pink, and you can opt for clear lenses, or tints meant for gaming or night vision.

Have you ever wanted to turn off your bedside lamp from another room? What about another country? Smart outlets allow you to turn electronics and appliances in and off with your phone, or a digital assistant like Alexa if you have one. They also allow you to set schedules and timers, and ultimately better manage energy consumption, too.

What’s better than a long, hot shower? A long hot shower that feels like a tropical rain shower, thanks to this rainfall shower head. This sleek choice is available in three sizes between 8 and 12 inches, and three colors (chrome, nickel, and matte black), so you can find the perfect upgrade for your bathroom.

Never again set aside a favorite shirt because of lint or pilling, thanks to this compact fabric shaver. It has an adjustable trimming height and can run on batteries or the included 6-foot USB cable. Even better, it not only works on clothes, it can handle upholstery, furniture, and even certain stuffed animals.

This adjustable door draft stopper keeps outside air out (and inside air in), helping not only with temperature control but energy consumption, noise proofing, and even odor blocking. It comes in four colors so you can pick the most subtle choice for your space, and it suits doors 32 to 38 inches wide.

A set of wool dryer balls can provide many of the same benefits as dryer sheets, only with less waste and without extra perfumes and additives. Plus, they also promise to dry your laundry faster since they help circulate it in the dryer. Each ball can last up to three years, or 1,000 washes.

No more throwing away wilted herbs or mushy berries. These stackable produce savers hold and store delicate produce away from moisture, so it lasts longer for you. Each saver in this set of three is a unique size, and the lids have silicone seals to keep them airtight.

Why don’t furniture leg covers just come with all furniture? These silicone and felt covers slip over the bottom of chair legs, table legs, and more, so you can scoot and shift without damaging floors. Even better, they’re offered in a variety of colors and sizes so you can find one that blends right in.

If you’ve ever tried to use a cutting board only to have pieces of food and juices leak onto your counters, then you know how handy a large-sized cutting board actually is. The surface of this Thirteen Chefs version is 18 inches by 12 inches, giving you lots of room to work, and it’s dishwasher-safe, too (as long as you have the room for it!).

Whether you’re a seasoned bartender, an avid host, an aspiring mixologist, or something in between, you’ll find plenty of uses for this cocktail shaker set. It’s made of durable and versatile stainless steel, and includes a drink shaker, strainer, and jigger. Plus, it’s all dishwasher-safe, so clean-up is a cinch.

This wireless doorbell set gives you more functions and flexibility than standard installed versions. One doorbell transmitter and one receiver come in each set, and they work up to 1,000 feet apart — just stick the doorbell on where you want it, and plug in the receiver. There are more than 50 chimes and four volume settings to choose from, and they’re weatherproof.

Few things are more frustrating than a dead phone that you need to use. This set of two portable chargers allows you to bring extra charge when you’re on the go, extending the life of your phone by hours. Each set also comes with two USB cables, and they’re compatible with a variety of smartphones.

This two-pack of magnetic phone holders comes with two mounts, four metal plates that adhere to the back of your devices (or slip inside your case), and four protective film covers. The mounts take just seconds to install, plus they allow for swiveling and adjusting your phone for the perfect position.

Take your coziness game to the next level with a plush electric blanket that you can wear over your neck and shoulders. Keep it on the couch, or pack it for tailgating, spectating, and more. It features three heat levels, plus auto-shutoff. But the best part? Matching socks are included, too. Coziness to the hilt. There are seven colors and patterns to choose from.

Few household items are as versatile as a trusty bamboo serving tray. In seconds, it can go from a comfy workstation to a snack display to a drink holder to a craft surface. The bamboo material promises to be water-resistant and lightweight, and goes with most decor styles. Handles make it easy to carry from room to room, too.

It’s hard not to feel fancy when using an electric salt and pepper grinder. It works with just the press of a button, and it’s battery-operated with an adjustable ceramic grinder and stainless steel exterior. But, the best feature may be the LED light that lets you see how much seasoning you’re adding, even during a candlelit affair.

Imagine how excited you (or your guests) will be when you pull out this fruit infusion pitcher on a hot day. It features a removable holder that keeps fruit in the mix without overpowering your drinks. Made of durable, translucent acrylic material, it can hold up to 93 ounces of liquid (though smaller shapes and sizes are available if you prefer).

This dish soap dispenser set will take your kitchen clean-up to the next level. It has a sponge holder (with a soap dispenser), plus a hand soap dispenser, and both pieces fit perfectly on the matching silicone tray. Everything coordinates, and can be easily cleaned, too.

These metal shoe horns help protect the shape of your shoes and simplify your getting-ready routine, making it easy to slide feet in without crunching or bending the heels. Each pair comes with a 16.5-inch version that’s great for home use, and a 7.5-inch one that’s perfect for travel.

At best, undercooked food is unpleasant to eat and at worst, it can make you sick. A reliable meat thermometer gives you a number reading that tells you if your food is done, saving you time and trouble in the kitchen. Different colors and features are available too, including a talking readout or a bottle opener.

Save money on toilet paper and help the environment? Yes, please. Not only that, but this bidet toilet attachment keeps you comfortable and clean, too. It’s highly-rated, easy to install, and offers adjustable spray settings. It’ll fit on most household toilets, and includes all necessary pieces for installation.

Finally, enjoy filtered water at home without extra pitchers or extras steps. This faucet filtration system includes natural minerals that promise to filter out up to 70 contaminants. It works with a wide range of sink styles, and can be installed without even using tools.

These clip-on book lights come with rechargeable batteries, so you can read to your heart’s content, recharge them, and then read even more. They have an adjustable arm so you can shine them in any direction, and they offer different lighting modes: white, amber, and daylight. Your eyes will thank you.

Keep hot drinks hot for as long as you’re sipping with an electric mug warmer. Roughly the size of a coaster, it has a hot plate that’s perfect for keeping mugs and cups toasty warm. There are two temperature settings to choose from, plus an auto-shutoff feature as an extra safety precaution.