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2022-08-08 02:53:29 By : Ms. Rita Su

We recently got a call for help in our RV Lifestyle Facebook group. A frustrated mom that full-times with her daughters was desperate for some shower solutions. 

Diedra posted to our group:

“OK that’s it! I’m done!

What do you have hanging in your shower to hold all your stuff and what showerhead have you upgraded to because the one that it comes with is pointless… HELP Mom of girls full timing😬🥴”

The group responded with nearly 100 comments, and lots of great suggestions. So, I thought I’d consolidate their recommendations here to help as many RVing girl moms as possible! Or, of course, any shower-product-loving RVer.

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You’ll have noticed that Diedra also asked about showerhead suggestions. We already have a helpful article on the 5 Best RV Shower Heads, so I’m just focusing on RV shower caddies this time.

I’ve also collected every type in this post in our Amazon List for Inside the RV – Home, Bath, and Storage so you can see all of them quickly.

So, here are what real RVers say are the RV shower caddy you can buy…

RV Lifestyle members Robert & Pamela made this big, sturdy suggestion. This large camper shower caddy has 3 levels of baskets and strong over-the-door hooks. Plus, those hooks hold two bath towels on the exterior!

It has plenty of space for various products and accessories in multiple shapes and sizes. Plus, it has two built-in hooks for loofahs, washcloths, or back brushes.

This tall basket is technically designed to hang on cabinet doors, but RVer Tiffany successfully uses it as an RV shower caddy.

Tiffany says, “I have one of these that holds my bottles of stuff. I needed something that hooked to the sides that allowed the door to still slide. Seems to work great and fairly inexpensive.”

This product was recommended by more than one RVer. Hope says, “This has helped SO much. Lots of pockets” and Robyn supplied a screenshot and let the product speak for itself.

A lot of RVs have shower doors and not curtains. However, if you use a shower curtain in your RV, this is a great option. Or, you can even mount it on a tension rod on your longest shower wall. This actually brings us to our next economical suggestion…

As the most affordable RV shower caddy on this list, it’s no surprise this style was mentioned a couple of times. This mesh shower door organizer comes with over-the-door hooks, but Cyndi “bought a tension rod and hung this mesh bag on it along the wall.”

Andrea recommended a larger version of this product marketed for shoes that has 24 large mesh pockets. Andrea has one in the shower, and “I also have one hanging on outside of shower for other bathroom items like razors/shaving gel, lotions, nail clippers, comb/brush, etc.”

Also suggested a few times, this shower dispenser is similar to what you used to see in hotels. You pour in your preferred shampoo, conditioner, and body wash and it dispenses each with a push of the button.

Cher says hers “has been up for several years without problems!” It’s fair to say it’s a classic solution for a reason.

This black stainless steel RV shower caddy is quite sleek. It comes in white, too. It doesn’t require any drilling as it is mounted with strong waterproof adhesive.

Jennifer had nothing but great things to say about this product. “These are amazing!!! They hold several of the liter pump bottles and nothing is taking these off those shower walls.”

She has them in both her RV and her home shower, saying, “Those strips it comes with is super crazy strong” and added, “If they can withstand 5 and 7 year old, they will hold up.”

Diedra ultimately decided to go with FABLSOTH 3-Pack Shower Caddy Baskets & Soap Dish, which is similar to the ODesign we’re listing here. It doesn’t have as many reviews as the ODesign, but it is rated well and is more affordable. 

However, I decided to list the ODesign product as the best RV shower caddy over FABLSOTH because of a valid concern. A fellow RVer, Jenni, pointed out the FABLSOTH product has shorter walls. She said she “tried to find ones with the highest sides. People commented about bottles falling out.” 

Hopefully, the FABLSOTH with work well for Diedra but if not, she said she’s going to exchange it for the ODesign.

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We hope this article has helped you find the best RV shower caddy for you. We also have an excellent shopping list for the 15 Best RV Bathroom Products you should check out.

It includes some smaller shower caddy options, as well as great organization solutions for outside the shower. 

These RV bathroom solutions make the small space feel more luxurious when on the road, and some even help keep you safe!

I also recommend you check out our Organized Obie Lightweight Storage Solutions, which highlights wet RV organization products at the end. Plus, you can get 5% off any of their products with our promo code RVLIFESTYLE. You can view our tour of their facility in Elkhart, Indiana in the video above.

As you can see, our community is filled with fellow RVers that are eager to help. They are always quick and thorough to answer questions and offer advice and encouragement in every area of the RV Lifestyle.

To join the conversation, make friends, and learn more, join the RV Lifestyle Facebook group today. We’d love you to share all of the RV wisdom you have to offer, too!

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